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released January 1, 2009

The Band:

Izzy Gaon: vocals, guitars, keys, misc
Chen (Mr. Snail) Wissotzky: bass, guitars, keys, misc
Sonia Gurdjieff: piano
Guilio 'Zillo' Benetti: drums & percussion.

Guest musicians:

Paul Rubinstein: violin on tracks 4 and 6
Ron Rosenblum: drums on track 4
Phil Pieters: additional guitars & vocals on track 10

Street noises recorded by Acclivity


All tracks words & music by Izzy Gaon, except Automatic Line - words and music by Chen Wissotztky, and Frozen Lake - words by Chen Wissotzky and music by Izzy Gaon.

Produced by Chen Wissotzky
Recorded at our E17 location and at Urchin Studios, London.
Edited and mixed by Chen Wissotzky


Thank You

Dan at Urchin Studios, Phil Pieters, Paul Rubinstein, Yaron Rosenblum, Roy & Kasy Stein.



all rights reserved


Tabloid London, UK

Glam-Rock-Cabaret band Tabloid are finally releasing their self-titled debut album after two years of playing both electric and acoustic gigs in venues across London.

Tabloid are singer/songwriter/guitarist Izzy Gaon, producer/bassist/songwriter Mr. Snail, pianist Sonia Gurdjieff and drummer/percussionist Zillo Benetti
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Track Name: Appetite
Cold was the city
Cold were the people
Skinny were the Indie girls
Drunk were the regulars
The night Gilly was stabbed in the pub
The songs on the jukebox
Were mainly about having fun

And I, I had a hunger for love
But you ruined my appetite

The punks in their camouflage trousers
The goths with their pale vacant faces
The broken pint glasses under our feet
The broken young souls on the street
Track Name: Take a Seat
Take a seat on the Circle Line
You've made when you were still
Yearning for days in the light you were
The best in the business of fraud were there

Take a step further into the crowd that
You've been running from
When you still had dignity
Robbed your own faith of its virginity

After you will stop pretending that your wish for a life
Is a childish one, you owe him one
Then will come the understanding
That in fact, as I found, You've always been proud
Being lonesome and a coward
All them fuckers keep giving you numbers
Wish you could smash their heads down on the floor
Track Name: The Junkie Violin Player
People tell me smile, Am I on candid camera?
The best sleep comes after sex, if I jack off will that still work?
I thought that people were out there for me
'Cause I decide what reality is

Alan liked his drink,
He drank so much he could barely stand
Then he fell down to the floor,
And lost his concienceness for a minute or more

You should see that girl, the junkie violin player, on the underground
Playing hits but it sounds like she's saying 'you want it? you'll get it!'

She looks like a guy
Track Name: Some Help
Hey, are you having fun?
Wanna go outside? So we could talk?
Why not? I'm nice.
And I think I should be getting some help
From you.

Hey, are you having fun?
Wanna go outside? So we could talk?
Why not? You're nice.
And I think you should be getting some help
From me.
Track Name: Man on The Floor
Tired of playing the game
Do you think that I am,
Pushing the wrong the buttons?
I was fading again with the remains of a day
Was falling so very hard with the rain
And queue to the cash machine was blocking the street

We were keeping ourselves to ourselves
On the long 29
Living in harmony
Looking out through the window were two houses on fire
But we didn't want to be late for work so we trusted the rain
When I got off there was a man on the floor

The man

The man on the floor, just like before
Comes again to surprise me
Looks a bit dead
But I am glad
Nothing had happened
To me
Track Name: Automatic Line
And there's no sign of rain
No sign of feeling
And our plates are all full
Our ash trays are full
In the land of not-giving
And the wide screens are on
And the colors are strong
And the senses are flooded

And people drive cars
And they like to move fast
And she's taking her clothes off
That's why I cannot think now

And the rat race is on
People harness themselves
To bigger houses
To beautiful wallets
And our bin bags are full
So we buy bigger ones
She's afraid to grow old now
Better not grow old now

And sex is what sells
Oh it's a wonderful world
And she's taking her clothes off, now she's naked
And that's why I cannot think now

Spent two hours on the phone
With the automatic line, automatic line
Press 1 to feel a thing, full satisfaction guaranteed
Or your money back

Choose one number between 1 and 10
1 is hell and 10 is bliss
one one one one one one one
I still can't feel anything

No signs of rain, no signs of rain
No no no
Track Name: Lil' Robert
Men and gentle ladies please pay attention
It is with pride and good intentions
That I introduce you to my own invention
Can you believe in something you cannot see?
Can you not see he's standing next to me?
Put your hands together for the invisible boy!
Seventeen years of absolute transparency
Being ignored became his legacy
You're staring at me but he's there with you
In the crowd
Give them a good scare lil' Robert
Make your daddy proud

For all the kids in school he's just an empty chair
Impossible to miss, why would they care
But little did they know, my lil' Robert was sitting there

But Robert wants to be seen in all his glory
When telling your sweet daughters his late night story
Now come on little girls make love to the wind
This sensual breeze is your classmate honey
I doubt your parents will find this funny
See, he's my creation, invention, my victim, my child
Where have you gone lil' Robert?
Don't Leave your papa behind
Track Name: Frozen Lake
Somewhere frozen lake of true wonder
Somewhere there are we
Skate there you are floating in my arms
We never dared to be
Out of touch
The world do not exist anymore
The ice so fragile under our feet

Evening TV dinner for two
How we cannot speak
Upstairs hiding deep in the cupboard
Two pairs of dusty skates
Out of touch
The world is the only thing we know
I put my hand in your hand